As early as 2008, online shopping was still nothing (can you believe it?
We, Sarah, the CEO of Kukombo, dream of creating an online community for those who want to wear the latest trends, so that they can easily access excellent customer service.

Thirteen years later, the boutique has become an online destination for all weekend activities!
Yes, if you have a ticket, we have a suit!
Team vision
We are a team of more than 80 professional employees, they are not afraid to realize their dreams, we can punch!

We want to know if you received the package on time, if you are very interested in your life, if you want to provide any style advice for your weekend holiday, birthday or date night, we also want to hear about all your interesting lighter stories

Our values โ€‹โ€‹are simple:
Always put the customer first
Become an excellent collaborative team
Positive impact on our world
Break the boundaries

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